Overwhelmed…yet inspired…and intimidated.

That’s my immediate series of thoughts as I set down Sewing For Plus Sizes, by Barbara Deckert.


This book is so easily read, with great descriptions and wonderful illustrations to explain even the most difficult to grasp (it seems!) concepts.  I flew through it in just a couple of hours, then flipped back to re-read sections I knew would apply to me, to my friends, and to my clients.  Wow! I love how much I learned in just a few short hours.  I picked the book up off Amazon for less than 15.00 and it’s money well spent. Less than a pattern, and gives you details on making any pattern fit you perfectly.

It also had a lot of detail and history that explained what I’ve found myself in that ready-to-wear or store-bought clothing is so differently sized than patterns.  I was devastated to learn I was a 28 in pattern sizing, consistently wearing at 20 in off-the-shelf clothing.  Her history made a lot of sense and gave me a bit of relief.

She exudes body-acceptance throughout this book, to boot.  I found that very refreshing, as so many of the sewing pattern and design walls I’ve hit have been size-related.

Here’s one more image from the book, I hope it’s ok to post.  It’s my favorite page.  Has all the measurements needed to adequately fit the plus-sized woman.  IMG_1370Tomorrow, Sheri and I will be pulling out the tape measure and giving it a go. My next project is her dress for their family portraits.  I only have about 11 days to finish it, and plan to use many of the concepts in this book.  One in particular, and the author stresses this emphatically, is that the basted fitting is a MUST.  So we’ll definitely be doing that as well.

Oh and she even provides details on making a custom plus-sized dress form, to more accurately modify patterns and easily do fittings.

I’m definitely going to do that, as soon as I find someone willing to wrap me in packing tape.


Happy Plus-Sized Sewing!


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