Donna and Sheri are your hosts here at Plus Sized Patterns.  Sheri handles the fashion and style aspects, whilst Donna handles the garment construction.  Pete is our webmaster extraordinaire!

Here’s a bit about Sheri in her own words:


And here’s a bit about Donna in her own words:

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t sewing or crafting.  My mother and grandmother were very handy with all things craft-related, from crochet, to needlepoint, to doll-making and even some attempts at quilting (Mom, remember that velvet quilt? I loved that thing). I had a sewing machine when I was like 5, and made my own clothes in high school.  I made my first quilt at 15.  My daughters enjoyed homemade outfits when they were little, until I realized how fast they outgrew my hard work!  Recently, I returned to sewing my own clothes, as I’ve been unhappy with the fit and fashion available for my larger frame.  I still enjoy quilting, general sewing, crochet, cross-stitch, and other crafty endeavors.  During the day, I’m a database administrator.


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