Did Burda alienate all of the plus size sewists out there?  I was checking out this recent post of theirs with “new” re-releases in plus-sized patterns.  And look, zero comments.

Compare that to this post.  The comments are pretty savage.  Maybe the post hasn’t gotten out there enough for people to post on it yet.  Maybe it’s that the styles are/were average/thin styles that have been converted to plus size patterns?  Maybe it’s because you have to log in now to post comments?  I’m not sure.  I find the collection interesting, but nothing I would want in my wardrobe.  I’ll have to get Sheri’s thoughts on this, since she’s much more tuned-in to fashion than I am.

The comments on this collection, are much kinder.  I love that draped dress.  Sheri, ready for me to make you a new dress? 😀